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Natural Hair Follicle Restoration Treatment for Men and Women

$49.95 $29.97
Natural Hair Follicle Restoration Treatment for Men and Women

In the human body the male hormone testosterone is not very active, but is converted inside the body into its highly active form: di-hydro-testosterone (or DHT).  It is DHT that has the real male hormone effect on the cells.  All the cell membranes have specific molecule receptors-(like a docking station).  That allows the hormone to penetrate cells.

For example, in the male prostate gland it causes its cells to grow excessively and can eventually block urine flow like a vise.  
In the hair follicle, for some men and women who have a genetic susceptibility to the effect of DHT, it slows down the hair follicle from making hair, resulting in thinning hair or to go bald.  Women also make testosterone, some more than others, but less than men.  That is why many women have thin hair and even balding areas.  This loss is called alopecia. 

Why Our Natural Hair Follicle Restoration Treatment Works

The key to safe and effective natural hair growth is to stop the negative effect of testosterone on the hair follicles (for individuals whose hair follicles are genetically sensitive to its adverse effect).  The problem is not testosterone, but its active form: dihydrotesterone.  Our Patent Pending Natural Hair Follicle Restoration Treatment safely and effectively blocks the 5-alpha reductase (5a-reductase) enzyme (at a topical level) that converts testosterone to dihydrotesterone which allows your hair to grow full again. 

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